Origin of Bites

Less is more. To be comprehensive yet concise is a challenge for every author, let alone be consistent
in doing so. This was the main idea Yvo Kühling had in mind when starting Bites, back in 2011. Bites are brief thoughts about the world around us. Every Bite is a short story to conclude with a punchline
or twist. Moreover, they all count exactly one hundred words when written in Dutch, Yvo Kühling’s native language. Translating to English usually adds a few, no matter.


Readers on Bites

Bites are original, philosophical and witty, dealing with the world around us. Readers appreciate the authentic touch of Yvo Kühling’s creative spirit. Be careful when you start reading Bites, they create appetite for more.

“Yvo’s talent lies in his ability to get under the skin of both his subject and his reader, and to serve up tender 100 word morsels of carefully crafted prose” – Tim Cartwright

“Kühling illuminates the world by standing slightly outside it, exposing events and circumstances to wry scrutiny. He distills each of his daily observations into a 100-word ‘Bite’, a sort of amuse-bouche for the intellect” – David Hildebrand

“In my experience, Bites have the power to stop time, return to the past or travel into the future. I am part of every Bite that I have read” – Jasmina Mladenovic


Bites Bibliography

So far, Yvo Kühling published the following books in the Bites series:

Bites 2012
Bites 2013
Bites 2014
Belgrade Bites
Serbia Bites

The online bookstore is a work in progress.



Yvo Kühling (1970) studied Economics at the Vrije University of Amsterdam. He held various management positions in the staffing, internet, publishing and media industry. Writing has always been a passion. With the launch of his personal blog in 2011, he made his official writing debut for a wider audience. Shortly after, the blogs were renamed Bites and became a daily affair. Little later Bites Factory was born. Yvo Kühling lives in New Delhi with his wife and four children.



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