All but one

All but oneHumans are blessed with five senses (some say even more, not sure). One sense stands out from the others. You can control all your senses, in a way that they are operated by cognitive decisions. All but one. You can decide to close your ears, decide not to touch or be touched, decide to close your eyes and decide not to taste. You have, however, no control over your sense of smell. Smell is not controlled by cognition, but by intuition. It may well be our most primiry processing system (and tribal). Think about that when you put on your deo.

No filter

No filterWith one eye you can view the world, with two eyes the dimensions it offers. If a picture tells more than a thousanmd words, it is only because your eyesight is such a handy tool in information gatheirtng. The wonderful thing about eyesight is that it works ‘as is’: imaged are projected on your retina and enter your brain without filter. Nature made your eyesight a no filter appliance. Any implicative layer you add to it is your brain at work. People are habitual deducers of data patterns. The art of taking things as they are is rare. No filter is beautiful.

Arena MoveS

Arena Moves“We are unlucky to have MS, but MS is very unlucky that we have it”. With these words, Thomas Sanders addressed the audience in the Amsterdam Arena yesterday. Twelve years ago, Thomas experienced that walking the steps of the Amsterdam Arena to his box 412 season ticket seat, grew more difficult by the week. He was diagnosed with MS. Thomas Sanders turned his battle against MS into his mission in life. He founded a charity fund and became initiator of Arena MoveS. During the first annual Arena MoveS, over a thousand people walked the Amsterdam Arena steps. Towards a MS free world.

On negation

On negationWhat do a vacuum, silence and darkness have in common? They only exist by the absence of something else. Vacuum exists without the presence of air, silence exists without the presence of sound and darkness without the presence of light. They cease to exist altogether with only the slightest sliver of their opposite, their mutually exclusive antagonists. This makes them quite unique, for many things in life have an opposite, but are able to coexist. In the end, you can only define vacuum, silence and darkness in terms of negation, there is no other way. I wonder how exclusive this club really is.

A Heron’s Breakfast

a heron goes there where there is movementWater that stands still carries no life. Standing water starts to stink. Herons are familiar with this. Herons go there where the movement is. Moving water contains more oxygen and nutrients. Moving water means better odds of food. If fish is your thing, you need to stand where two streams intersect. Exactly where the smaller flow enters the bigger one, is where most fish passes through. A la carte breakfast, so to speak. There are a handful laws of nature that explain how aquadynamics exactly work and what are the chance of catching something. The heron knows them all.