Salute from the other side

Belgrade, journey, weddingThey say that it is all about the journey, and not the destination. This is true, but actually there is a lot more to it. Life encompasses not a single adventure, but many. I know by experience, that the destination concluding one journey, subsequently entails the starting point of the next. Now you have embarked on a new journey, one you hesitated a while about. Ivana will hold your hand along the way. I know she will. When your restless soul seeks answers, her voice of reason will guide you, comfort you. I salute you, my friend.

16.950 (2)

ATP World TourIn order to beat Nole’s 16.950 ATP points, you have to consecutively win all Grand Slams plus a handful of Masters 1000’s and top it off with a couple of 500 Series tournaments. All within twelve months. The only person able to break Novak’s record in the foreseeable future is Novak himself. How? Last year, Djokovic did not accumulate any ATP points between Roland Gaross and Wimbledon. If he would play any of the five ATP grass court tournaments leading up to Wimbledon (being Stuttgart, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, Halle, London or Nottingham) and win a couple of matches, he would enter the 17.000’s.

My Balkan 21 (part 2/2)

Balkan Top21 Nessebar’s old harbor (Bulgaria), Kalenic’ green market (Serbia), Corfu’s pristines beaches (Greece), Lake Bled (Slovenia), Hunedoara’s Corvin Castle (Romania), Mount Athos (Greece), Sremski Karlovski (Serbia), The restored bridge of Mostar (Bosnia), Durmitor’s Crno Jezero (Montenegro), Ostrog monastery (Montenegro), Sveti Neum monastery (Macedonia), Plitvice Lakes (Croatia), Rovinje old town (Croatia), Butrint amphitheather (Albania), Belgrade’s Railway Station (Serbia), Alba Lulia Citadel (Romania), Kotor old town (Montenegro), Sarajevo Turkish quarter (Bosnia), Studenica monastery (Serbia), Veliko Tarnovo caste (Bulgaria), the Peristil in Split (Croatia). My number one and most favourite place in the Balkans … is the Visoko Decani monastery in Kosovo.

My Balkan 21 (part 1/2)

Balkan 21 In the past years I have seen and travelled the Balkans. Visited all Balkan countries multiple times. Discovered tourist guide monuments and off-the-beaten-track spots of majestic beauty. Travelled with my family, friends or just with me, myself and I. I started keeping a shortlist list of favourite places, my ‘Balkan bookmarks’. Some places are included because of their natural beauty (like the year round picture perfect Lake Bled), others because of special personal memories (like the Belgrade main Railway Station, you know why). Over time my shortlist grew into a longlist, but I bet you don’t mind.

Stan the Man

blues musicWhen Stane plays the blues, the expressions on his face amplify every riff of his guitar. On stage, the wingman of Rawhide and Desperate Slim simply lo­ves the blues. For ‘Stan the Man’ his night time performances are an escape from his daytime job, that hardly pays the bills. The little voice inside told him to alter the life he so often sings about. Now Stane is relocating to Canada, with his wife and family for a job behind the wheel. Belgrade loses a commanding face of blues. For all you folks in Winnipeg: a star called Stane is coming your way. Treat him well.