Salute from the other side

Belgrade, journey, weddingThey say that it is all about the journey, and not the destination. This is true, but actually there is a lot more to it. Life encompasses not a single adventure, but many. I know by experience, that the destination concluding one journey, subsequently entails the starting point of the next. Now you have embarked on a new journey, one you hesitated a while about. Ivana will hold your hand along the way. I know she will. When your restless soul seeks answers, her voice of reason will guide you, comfort you. I salute you, my friend.

Redefining hot

Redefining hotBack home, they define a day to be tropical when the maximum temperature hits 30 degrees Celcius. How cute. Experiencing one of the severest heat waves in India on record, I feel the urge to redefine my idea of hot. I consider a day to be warm when the temperature reaches your body temperature. Very warm is when the average temperature exceeds your body temperature. A day is hot when at any moment during the day the temperature is higher than your body temperature and very hot once even at night the temperature doesn’t sink below your body temperature anymore.

Hurray Leicester

Hurray for LeicesterLeicester wins the Premier League. In what is widely seen as the biggest upset in the history of the English football competition, a small city team with a modest budget wins one of the most prestigious titles in football. It is a victory of skill over salary, motivation over merchandising, team spirit over shareholder interests, leadership over paychecks and the power of collaboration over the demands of television rights. Big budget teams need to worry. The unprecednented win of Leicester is a milestone in an industry floating on too much air and will maybe redefine the future landscape of football.

Ankara cries. Again

Ankara cries. AgainLine 284 operates from Merzeki in the direction of Bakanliklar and back. Just over an hour, one way. Even ons Sundays it is a busy commute. Necati Yılmaz just wanted to depart from the Guven Park stop when in his side view mirror he saw a car approaching fast. With a slam the car pierced itself in the rightside of the bus, followed by a huge explosion. The shock spiraled the bus driver through the windshield. Light out. Black. Minutes later he opens his eyes again. He looks up, dazed. Dust. Blood, Limbs. Yelling. Ankara cries. Again.

Gold of nature

honeyMan can land on extraterrestrial surfaces, produce computerchips thinking faster in a second than you can in a lifetime, and erect monuments that stand for thousands of years. There is however a limit to our capabilities, closer than you think. What man cannot do is produce artificial honey. We can make caramel, artificial sweeteners or syrup, but fail to copy the wonderful trick of bees. Alchemists have searched for centuries to find the formula to create gold. In vain. Likewise, no alchemist of biology has yet succeeded to produce honey artificially. Therefore, honey is the gold of nature.