Ryder Cup 2018

ryder cup 2018The 2018 Ryder Cup will be held at the golf course in the Paris suburb of Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, the second time only that Continental Europe hosts the event. More so, the prestigious French course is a mere afternoon walk away from the Palace of Versailles, where the 1918 Versailles Peace Treaty was signed and where President Wilson first launched his concept of a League of Nations. What better way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of ‘Versailles’ and the inception of the League of Nations by opening up the next Ryder Cup to golfers from nations all over the world?

New format

Aryder cup 2018lmost one in four golfers in the current top 100 is not eligible to play in the Ryder Cup, including the current world number one and six. Simply because of where they were born. Within the next decade, this one in four will likely increase to one in three. Elitism in golf is a nineteenth century contraption. In this day and age, golf should be accessible for all. Since 1969, Ryder Cup teams consist of twelve players, plus captain. I am sure that Team Asia (to be) and Team Rest-of-the-World (to be) will present twelve world class golfers as well.

Memory of pain (2)

Recently, a casual dinner conversation went dark and out came my physical pain Top Three. Third place. The tantalizing nerve pinches of my early teen upperjaw braces (1984); I could not bite a green bean in half. Then came 2006, and I endured the tearing agony of an ingrowing toe nail. Had to wear loafers under my business suits for weeks. Nothing however, compared to the waves of excruciating pain of a passing kidney stone (occurred to me twice, in 2002 and 2011). Kidney stones are, apparently, the closest thing to delivering a baby. Mine felt like twins.

Memory for pain

life, pain, memoryThe body has no memory for pain. We are incapable of vividly retrieving the sensation of pain once its occurance is over. That said, I am very well able to recall the disturbing, reality narrowing tunnel of agony you endure when pain is inflicted upon you (physical pain that is, not its mental equivalent). So far, I have been lucky where physical pain is concerned. Only three times in my life thus far, I experienced physical pain beyond what I thought was possible, or endurable for that matter. Bear in mind, I am of the weaker kind.

Salute from the other side

Belgrade, journey, weddingThey say that it is all about the journey, and not the destination. This is true, but actually there is a lot more to it. Life encompasses not a single adventure, but many. I know by experience, that the destination concluding one journey, subsequently entails the starting point of the next. Now you have embarked on a new journey, one you hesitated a while about. Ivana will hold your hand along the way. I know she will. When your restless soul seeks answers, her voice of reason will guide you, comfort you. I salute you, my friend.