About Talenpointer

Talentpointer collects data about organisations via www.talentpointer.com.

An organisation creates a profile by answering questions. The Talentpointer Diagnosis (see figure) consists of 9 themes and 63 questions.

Respondents answer questions by moving a bar across a 5-point Likert scale (from ‘very limited’ to ‘very strong’).

After finishing the questionnaire arespondent can create an account and specify a number of organisational parameters to retrieve a benchmark (e.g. industry and company size). The Talentpointer Diagnosis consists of the following 9 themes: Strategy, Personnel planning, Processes & ICT, Organisation & Structure, Target group & communication, Employer Branding, Media, Temporary hire and Management information.

The answers result in a number of points per theme. The Talentpointer Diagnosis is a polygon in the figure above, connecting the dots of the points per theme. The score per theme is labelled as mediocre, fair and good. Creating a Talentpointer Profile is free of charge.

Talentpointer Benchmark

The Talentpointer Benchmark adds a next dimension. With Talentpointer Benchmark the individual scores are compared with the scores of a reference group. Talentpointer recognises 3 reference groups:

  1. generic reference group: a general benchmark (your score compared against all other Talentpointer Profiles)
  2. specific reference group: by benchmark against organisations in the same industry or with the same size
  3. personal peergroup: benchmark against a tailor made reference group (e.g. a local group of enterpreneurs, industry organisation or regional group).


In the Talentpointer environment all personal and organisational data is protected with a username-password combination. The password is chosen by users and consist of 5-8 characters, with at least 1 number. Talentpointer disencourages sharing passwords. The Talentpointer server is hosted in a hyper modern datacenter. This datacenter is protected for hacking attempts by uptodate firewall software.

The development team

The Talentpointer website is developed by:

CAMPO Internet
Nijverheidstraat 16B
3071 GC  Rotterdam
Contact: ing. Marijn Kampers
Email: info@campointernet.com

The corporate communication styleguide of Talentpointer is designed by:

Hugo van der Kooij
Email: hugo.vander.kooij@kpnmail.nl


The idea behind Talentpointer is that people make the difference between an average and excellent organisation. Your people, your profit. Based on experiences with numerous companies, Yvo Kühling developed Talentpointer Diagnosis. Analysis of human capital challenges in numerous organisations formed the basis of Talentpointer Diagnosis and TalentpointerBenchmark. Companies working with Talentpointer are able to improve strategy and operations in a very short notice. Creating a Talentpointer Profile is free of charge and without any obligation. Talentpointer can assist you in implementing recommendations and quick wins.

Yvo Kühling (1970) is a business economy graduate from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. He started his career at Randstad Staffing Agency, where he co-founded varying innovative businesses as Randstad Callflex and NewMonday.com. Later he worked at Wegener Publishers as sales director Labour Market (regional newspapers and Jobtrack.nl), a job he also held at Persgroep (Volkskrant, Trouw, AD, VKbanen.nl). In 2006 he became board member of Stichting Jaarprijzen Personeelscommunicatie (an independent foundation awarding the Magnets, the ‘Oscar of labour market communication’). Three years ago, he established as an independent contracter and in 2009 he founded Talentpointer.

Yvo Kühling is married and has 4 children.

General terms of use

Talentpointer general terms, deposited at Chamber of Commerce in the Hague, the Netherlands, apply and are also listed at www.talentpointer.com/generalterms.