All smiles again

way of life, attitude, smileOne moment he is utterly depressed about a grievance in his luxury accommodated life. Like when we are out of chocolate spread. Or a hole wrecks his grijze t-shirt. Maybe his favorite sitcom runs low on episodes. Anything. The next moment he is all smiles again, and you would never suspect the tears that momentarily preceded. I wonder how he does it: shedding off the sorrows of a six year old and to instantly produce an upbeat demeanor. Fortunately enough, Kasper is willing to share his secret: “You see, I am really a quick forgetter”.

Postcard from yesterday (2)

postcard from yesterday In the past weeks we have been denied three times in a French restaurant. Twice the manager was ‘too busy’ (while the terrace was empty). All over the world they will say that a table will become available in ten minutes, but not so in France. We were also denied in this empty restaurant with the excuse that they served diners only, while we were looking for ‘just a drink’. That certainly raised a frown. Every time this occurred I was thinking of Asia, where the real economic growth is. What if Asia looks towards France as these restaurants looked to us?