Tree of Enlightenment

India, Bodhgaya, EnlightenmentThe original tree is long gone, no matter. Leaving footprints in this sanctum is a privilege, mine will be humble. For the longest time I wanted to visit Bodhgaya. It is arguably one of the holiest places on earth. Bodhgaya, you ask? In the sixth century BC, a man of noble decent sat down under a Bo tree near Bodhgaya, in present day Bihar. He became Enlightened. Ever since, the tree was called the Bodhi tree, or Tree of Enlightenment. When the man sat down his name was Siddharta, after rising up again, he went by the name of Buddha.

Decorum and Jazz

Decorum and JazzThe crowd gathered after sunset for the sixth annual Delhi Jazz Festival. I don’t necessarily connect Jazz to India, but reality caught up with me before I even sat myself in the grass. A woooz of appreciation went through Nehru Park after ‘Dancing cheek to cheek’. Then the festival host addressed the audience with a humble request. Alcoholic beverages were strictly forbidden, yet I heard clinging of beers all around me and an occasional corkscrew plop. I wondered what was next. The lady with the mic perfectly conducted the audience with a compelling: “Ladies and gentlemen, please keep the decorum.”

Tetris and Delhi

Tetris and DelhiThe streets are crammed with traffic. Like Tetris, if you know what I mean, but in stead of blocks falling down, cars are overtaking you, left and right, navigating in the tiniest of spaces between your bumper and the next. Spaces you not knew would fit a car, or motorcycle. Or a bear foot wala selling slices of coconut. I hardly honk and still use my indicator (novice me), but then again, I was never an avid player of Tetris. Driving in Delhi is all about anticipating moves from other cars, even the ones they haven’t decided to make yet.

Dented upon impact

exhibit AWas it a rickshaw involved in a car crash, or a car involved in a rickshaw crash? The fact of the matter is that on an intersection of Pansheel Marg, a personal vehicle and an auto-rickshaw collided with considerable speed. Both vehicles were dented upon impact. The rickshaw was a standard green and yellow livery model (see exhibit A) and the car was a blue Suzuki Maruti, model Celerio (see exhibit B). The evidence is ambiguous as to whom is the culprit in this accident, yet very conclusive which of the vehicles provides better odds of stepping away from the scene unharmed.

First point

First point in baseballHe was the tenth hitter in the batting line up, which, in Little League baseball, meant he would appear at bat anywhere between the first and fourth inning. The Patakas were on fire and thus Quinten came at bat as first hitter in the second inning. Previous at bat attempts quickly resulted in three strikes and a disappointed looking boy stumbling his way back to the bench. Today, he slugged at the first ball pitched at him and nailed it: base hit. Quinten arrived safely at first base and was batted in, later in the inning, to land his very first point in baseball.