On (non) existence

on non existenceFiction pertains to everything we can imagine, for if we couldn’t imagine it, it wouldn’t be fiction. Non fiction, on the other hand, is everything we don’t have to imagine, since it would be fiction otherwise. Fiction thus is bound by the limits of our imagination, whereas this constraint does not apply to non fiction. Fiction is like a parallel universe, whose outer limits are defined by your fantasy. Non fiction, on the other hand, requires no imagination, and consequently has no boundaries. I have a hard time processing this paradox of fiction: there are limits to what does not exist.

On (non) fiction

On non fictionThe moment fiction happens, it becomes non fiction. Now that I mention it, fiction actually happening is a ‘contradictio in terminis’, for the very moment it does, fiction is not fiction anymore. There runs a thin line between fiction and non fiction, think of it as a sort of gateway to reality. You can only cross the gateway oneway, as you can step from fiction into reality, but never return. Therefore, fiction has a limitation that non fiction doesn’t have, for once fiction is touched by the other side of reality, it ceases to exist.